Meet Happy! The New Ambassador of the EISF!

It’s Hard to be unHappy

Join us in welcoming a new ambassador to the Eastern Idaho State Fair


Orphaned at an early age, Happy was subsequently raised by street monkeys in the backcountry of Belize. Later adopted by Chilean miners, he spent years underground honing his people skills. After the mine collapse, his father took a job as a parasail operator. Happy enjoyed his time on the white-sandy beaches where he thrived on wild corn dogs and pre-fab ice cream treats.

Happy went on to earn a degree in Interpretive Confectionary Art and spent several years touring the world with the Ringling Bros. circus as the head cotton candy chef.

After a brief stint in sugar rehab, he formed his own company Happy, Incorporated and has become a popular children personality across the country, often appearing at birthday parties for celebrity kids including Apple Paltrow and Suri Cruise. Join us in welcoming him for his first year as the ambassador of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. You’ll see Happy making the rounds at the fair, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Name: Happy
Home: Belize
Height: 4’7”
Weight: 350 pounds of pure happiness
Favorite Saying: The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here.
Favorite Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias
Favorite Band: Cheap Trick
Favorite Food: Anything with 500+ calories
Deepest Desire: To spend everyday of his life eating fair food.
Citizenship Sponsor: Brandon Bird, General Manager of the EISF


2015 People’s Choice Fair Food Contest