Fresh Guacamole?

Yes! You can get fresh guacamole at the fair, and it is to die for!  Senior Garcia’s makes fresh guac while you watch, not only watch but pick your own flavor.

This is one of the funniest things I have done at the fair this year.  Earlier in the week I had noticed the sign for guacamole, so I tasted for myself yesterday.  After you order, the avocado is cut and smooshed in an pedestal with a mortar, after the avocado is smooth cilantro,  tomato, onion and special seasoning is added to your liking.  The guac is served with a giant helping of chips and lots of very friendly service.  I took a video, unfortunately it is to large to upload, please stop by and give it a try for yourself.

Loved this – I highly recommend!

Fresh Guacamole

Fresh Guacamole




Family Favorite!

One of my family’s favorite items at the fair is the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl at the Good Wok.  Seriously, even my ultra picky two year old grandson likes this!  This is definitely a go to through out the week, and something we crave the rest of the year.  The Good Wok is sporting a new booth this year, but is in the same location as years past.  Delicious choice – Do Not Miss It!

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl



IMG_1361[1] IMG_1359[1]

I ate lunch today at the Chopping Block booth today, I had the coconut shrimp with the fried rice. I tried the mango salsa and the cocktail sauce. Both good but I like cocktail sauce with my shrimp. But get one of each to see what your preference is. They were giving taste bites of the Apple Pie caramel apple and I took a picture of the snickers caramel apple, looking for a change of the caramel apple ….you have just found it.  I am getting FAT as I type this.

Another FAIR FOOD FAVORITE: I love the Scotch and Soda right next to the Corn on the COB booth when you enter the front gate. The other drink by it is Cherry Lime. My pocket book is getting lighter as my weight increases each day, glad the fair only lasts a week.  Tomorrow is another day….


Weekend of Food!

Yes!  I really did it – ate delicious fair food all weekend and enjoyed every minute.

I started with the fish and fries from the Aberdeen Education booth, one of my yearly go to’s.  It was delicious as always, my daughter was a bit disappointed that they had switched the shoe string fries for a bit thicker fry, but after a taste test there was no more disappointment.  Yum-O

The next ultimate feast was taken on a to-go basis and enjoyed at home.  The new carne asada tacos from La Casita are definitely a feast, so good!  They were paired with last year’s new food favorite and  this year’s Fairest of them All winner the Toffee Tumbler from Creamy Creations.  Maybe not a normal combo, buy hey in the world of fair food anything goes, right?

By Monday I was slowing down just a bit, hard to imagine but true 🙂 I shared the Chicken Pesto Crepe from Crepe Crazy.  Honestly one of my favorites, and honestly this is enough food to share. The crepe is paired with a salad topped with strawberries and blueberries, not only super delicious, but pretty too.  I volunteered at the Lost Child Booth on Monday afternoon, so of course I needed a snack first. I went with the new Mexicali Crazy Corn from El Elote Loco Crazy Corn.  My husband is not a fan of raw peppers so he got the Bacon Crazy Corn, both come off the cob and both were fabulous.  And my hubby is now a fan!  He really liked the Mexicali and will order it next time. If you haven’t tried that one, I highly suggest it. By dinner time on Monday, I was back in sharing mode and split the dutch oven dinner from Let’s Go Dutch.  We must of been hungry, I didn’t get a picture of this one so let me fill you in.  Picture a day in the mountains, followed by a large plate of steaming dutch oven potatoes, very flavorful green beans and moist pulled pork – yep that’s it!  I was one happy girl.

I am off to the fair again this afternoon, I just can’t get enough. I will keep you posted on today’s feast.

Mexacali Corn

Mexacali Corn


Carne Asada tacos and Toffee Tumbler


Fish and Fries! This is a yearly favorite.

Chick Pesto Crepe

Chicken Pesto Crepe




No Such Thing As Too Much

IMG_1352[1] IMG_1354[1]

Yesterday, I kept going back to the Gourmet Carne Asada Tacos Booth. For lunch, I had the 3 street tacos (no cilantro for me), Yummy. I went back later for the cheesecake. Really, can you ever go wrong with cheesecake?

Fair FOOD FAVORITE for me is the Scone Nuggets with extra Honey Butter.

No picture of the Polish Sausage but the Battered Polish Sausage is a big hit with my brother and nephew.

I was to tired to post last night but heading to lunch today so more pictures will be posted today. I am going to hit the gym real hard next week, or at least that is what I keep telling myself 🙂



Fried Treats


Loved the Egg Roll and the sweet and sour sauce.

I always have to try something at the Fried Treats booth. If you haven’t tried the fried bacon or twinkie, you need to at it to your list. I asked the guy who took my order what the best thing on his menu was, he surprised me and said it was the Philly Steak sandwich.

Looking forward to tomorrow and finding something new that I haven’t tried yet…this year.


Best New Fair Food Contest

Pork Chop on a Stick

Pork Chop on a Stick Found at the Pit Stop

This was my favorite new item at the fair. The pork chop was very tasty and moist. It it defiantly something I want to have again. 

Frog Legs

Bayou Hoppin Frog Legs

Delectable Frog legs plucked from Clear Bayou lightly floured then delicately deep fried. Served with a delightfully Nawlins cocktail sauce. I always like to try something new. The meat was kind of like chicken but not exactly. If you are the adventurous type you should give it a try.


Crepe Craze

The Crepe Booth is new this year. I am way excited for the new booth to the fair and the yummy choices they are bringing. They have the above pictured chicken crepe along with berry crepes pictured here.  More to follow on this booth for sure.


La Casita

New Gourmet tacos are delicious. Pictures at the left are the full meals that will be served. Booth also serves the yummy dipped red white and blue chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas.


The Bread Barn

This is the LOVER’S Quarrel from the Bread Barn, this is one of my favorites.

Outlaw Catering

This is a new sandwich from the Outlaw Catering Booth. Loved it. If you have not tried a hamburger on a glazed donut you have been missing out. Give it a try.

I have to admit I really enjoyed the opportunity it trying all these yummy foods and missed some important details but I know the following foods won some awards :

Best NEW Fair Food–Sweet

3rd Place ~ Gluten Free Strawberry cup cakes (Sweet Temptations)

2nd Place ~ German Cake Bites (Chopping Block)

1st Place ~ Peanut Butter Explosion on a stick (includes Peanut Butter, brownie and ice cream) ~ Creamy Creations

Best NEW Fair Food–Entree

3rd – Crazy Corn – El Elote Loco Crazy Corn (Don’t forget about them in the West Concessions)

2nd ~Gourmet  Taco’s

1st ~ Rebel Burger – Out Law Catering

Fairest Of Them All

3rd – Coconut Shrimp Rice

2nd ~ Lover’s Quarrel (Bread Barn)

1st ~ Toffee Tumbler  (Sweet Temptations)

So excited for the Fair to start tomorrow to try lots of new foods and even more fair food favorites.