Best New Fair Food Contest

Pork Chop on a Stick

Pork Chop on a Stick Found at the Pit Stop

This was my favorite new item at the fair. The pork chop was very tasty and moist. It it defiantly something I want to have again. 

Frog Legs

Bayou Hoppin Frog Legs

Delectable Frog legs plucked from Clear Bayou lightly floured then delicately deep fried. Served with a delightfully Nawlins cocktail sauce. I always like to try something new. The meat was kind of like chicken but not exactly. If you are the adventurous type you should give it a try.


Crepe Craze

The Crepe Booth is new this year. I am way excited for the new booth to the fair and the yummy choices they are bringing. They have the above pictured chicken crepe along with berry crepes pictured here.  More to follow on this booth for sure.


La Casita

New Gourmet tacos are delicious. Pictures at the left are the full meals that will be served. Booth also serves the yummy dipped red white and blue chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas.


The Bread Barn

This is the LOVER’S Quarrel from the Bread Barn, this is one of my favorites.

Outlaw Catering

This is a new sandwich from the Outlaw Catering Booth. Loved it. If you have not tried a hamburger on a glazed donut you have been missing out. Give it a try.

I have to admit I really enjoyed the opportunity it trying all these yummy foods and missed some important details but I know the following foods won some awards :

Best NEW Fair Food–Sweet

3rd Place ~ Gluten Free Strawberry cup cakes (Sweet Temptations)

2nd Place ~ German Cake Bites (Chopping Block)

1st Place ~ Peanut Butter Explosion on a stick (includes Peanut Butter, brownie and ice cream) ~ Creamy Creations

Best NEW Fair Food–Entree

3rd – Crazy Corn – El Elote Loco Crazy Corn (Don’t forget about them in the West Concessions)

2nd ~Gourmet  Taco’s

1st ~ Rebel Burger – Out Law Catering

Fairest Of Them All

3rd – Coconut Shrimp Rice

2nd ~ Lover’s Quarrel (Bread Barn)

1st ~ Toffee Tumbler  (Sweet Temptations)

So excited for the Fair to start tomorrow to try lots of new foods and even more fair food favorites.