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I ate lunch today at the Chopping Block booth today, I had the coconut shrimp with the fried rice. I tried the mango salsa and the cocktail sauce. Both good but I like cocktail sauce with my shrimp. But get one of each to see what your preference is. They were giving taste bites of the Apple Pie caramel apple and I took a picture of the snickers caramel apple, looking for a change of the caramel apple ….you have just found it. ¬†I am getting FAT as I type this.

Another FAIR FOOD FAVORITE: I love the Scotch and Soda right next to the Corn on the COB booth when you enter the front gate. The other drink by it is Cherry Lime. My pocket book is getting lighter as my weight increases each day, glad the fair only lasts a week. ¬†Tomorrow is another day….