Weekend of Food!

Yes!  I really did it – ate delicious fair food all weekend and enjoyed every minute.

I started with the fish and fries from the Aberdeen Education booth, one of my yearly go to’s.  It was delicious as always, my daughter was a bit disappointed that they had switched the shoe string fries for a bit thicker fry, but after a taste test there was no more disappointment.  Yum-O

The next ultimate feast was taken on a to-go basis and enjoyed at home.  The new carne asada tacos from La Casita are definitely a feast, so good!  They were paired with last year’s new food favorite and  this year’s Fairest of them All winner the Toffee Tumbler from Creamy Creations.  Maybe not a normal combo, buy hey in the world of fair food anything goes, right?

By Monday I was slowing down just a bit, hard to imagine but true 🙂 I shared the Chicken Pesto Crepe from Crepe Crazy.  Honestly one of my favorites, and honestly this is enough food to share. The crepe is paired with a salad topped with strawberries and blueberries, not only super delicious, but pretty too.  I volunteered at the Lost Child Booth on Monday afternoon, so of course I needed a snack first. I went with the new Mexicali Crazy Corn from El Elote Loco Crazy Corn.  My husband is not a fan of raw peppers so he got the Bacon Crazy Corn, both come off the cob and both were fabulous.  And my hubby is now a fan!  He really liked the Mexicali and will order it next time. If you haven’t tried that one, I highly suggest it. By dinner time on Monday, I was back in sharing mode and split the dutch oven dinner from Let’s Go Dutch.  We must of been hungry, I didn’t get a picture of this one so let me fill you in.  Picture a day in the mountains, followed by a large plate of steaming dutch oven potatoes, very flavorful green beans and moist pulled pork – yep that’s it!  I was one happy girl.

I am off to the fair again this afternoon, I just can’t get enough. I will keep you posted on today’s feast.

Mexacali Corn

Mexacali Corn


Carne Asada tacos and Toffee Tumbler


Fish and Fries! This is a yearly favorite.

Chick Pesto Crepe

Chicken Pesto Crepe