Staff & Employment Opportunities

The Eastern Idaho State Fair may last only 8 days of the year, but there is an entire year’s worth of work that goes into it. The Board of Directors has a monthly meeting to approve various aspects of the Fair, the next year’s fair is planned, the exhibitor handbook is created, and the entertainment is chosen. There are also various events that occur during the summer, such as a dog show, parties, diesel pulling, and quinceañeras. The Main Office and Grounds need to be staffed year-round to take care of everything. Go to the Contact Page to contact the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Main Office & Grounds Staff

Left to Right: (Back row) Paula K. Maruji, Brandi Bird, Sandra Young, Cathy Brower, Lyla Morgan, and Marcene Freeman (Front row) Barry Adams, Maintenance Supervisor; Bill Dixon, Asst. Maintenance Supervisor; J. Brandon Bird, General Manager


Department Superintendents

For Department Superintendents and their contact information, go to the Exhibitors Page.


The Eastern Idaho State Fair employs full-time, seasonal, and fair-time workers. We encourage people to apply for seasonal positions by March and apply for fair-time positions by July of every year. Either print the Employment Application found on this page or pick up an application from the Main Office.