Pari-Mutuel & Indian Relays

Pari-Mutuel Racing

Sunday 9/3, Monday 9/4, Friday 9/8 & Saturday 9/9

Noon, $4

Pari-Mutuel Racing is a betting system in which all bets are placed together in a pool and shared among all winning bettors. Each day has 7-10 Pari-Mutuel races with 3 Indian Relay races held after the 4th, 6th, and 8th Pari-Mutuel races. Pari-Mutuel Racing attracts all types of racing fans–from spectators to novices and serious bettors. Anyone over the age of 18 can place a bet.

The Race Track’s official program will provide information on each race and each horse, so fans can place their wagers on horses they think are most likely to win, place, or show. Programs can be purchased the day of for $3.


Buy the Ultimate Happy PassĀ for only $40!

Includes week-long fair gate admission and four-day horse racing admission. The Ultimate Happy Pass can be purchased online at, Vickers Western Stores in Idaho Falls or Pocatello, or at the Event Ticket Office (208) 785-2480 Ext. 7.


Indian Relay National Championships

Sunday 9/3, Monday 9/4, Thursday 9/7, Friday 9/8, & Saturday 9/9

Noon, $4 (free Thursday noon – 1:30 pm)

The always popular and dangerous Indian Relay National Championships are featured after the 4th, 6th, and 8th Pari-Mutuel races. Teams compete for a $37,500 added purse. Indian Relay Races is a centuries-old tradition of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes culture. The sport actually originated on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation over 100 years ago, and many families that participated in the sport decades ago are still participating and passing this legacy on from generation to generation.

The Indian Relay teams consist of three horses and four team members (1 rider, 1 catcher [Mugger], and 2 holders). The rider must complete a lap riding bareback with each horse. The rider must dismount without any help from their teammates and without losing control of their horses.