Free Stages

Are you interested in displaying your talent on one of our community free stages? Contact Rhonda Robinson at or (208)317-3217.

Mango & Dango

Saturday Sept. 3 - Tuesday Sept. 6 Show Times at 1:00 pm & 4:30 pm; Roving 2:30 & 6:00 pm

Big Dog Satellite Community Free Stage

Mango and Dango are a multi-talented theatrical circus duo specializing in the creation of hilariously unique circus stories. Using their various experiences across the globe, they create every Mango and Dango show by manifesting their ideas, collected energy and imagination into one of a kind circus stories, sharing their passion and enthusiasm of life’s endless possibilities with every audience by finding the comedic subtleties in everyday situations. This dynamic duo is known to wow the audience with breathtaking technical circus skills, while bringing laughter and danger together for a pas-de-deux of chance and circumstance.

Idaho State Arm Wrestling Championships

Saturday Sept. 3 at 2 pm

Big Dog Satellite Community Free Stage

Got some bulging biceps you want to put to good use? The annual Arm Wrestling Championships is for you. In this festive challenge, competitors of all ages go arm-to-arm in testing their strength. The event is divided into subgroups based on age and weight. Entry fees are $10 for youth and $20 for adults. The first 100 to register receive a free t-shirt.

Hypnotist Tyzen Paley

5 & 9 pm daily

Northwest Farm Credit Free Stage

Tyzen is a comedy Hypnotist/Magician who is very quickly making his way to the top with his hilarious and unique show. He has a background in the performing arts of over 20 years! With this extensive experience, he delivers one of the smoothest and electrifying comedic performances out there.

Rock Bottom Boys

Wednesday Sept. 7 - Saturday Sept. 10 Show times at 4 & 8 pm

Northwest Farm Credit Free Stage

The Rock Bottom Boys have been serving up a ‘bone-a-fied’ act to audiences across the western states, exciting and entertaining all ages with spine tingling three part harmonies, homespun vocal styling, boot stomping music, and well-seasoned showmanship. While the heart pumping music alone is simply irresistible, once engaged, folks are riveted by the boys’ back porch clowning and hillbilly notions.

Paul Isaak

Wednesday Sept. 7 - Saturday Sept. 10 Show times at 3 pm & 6 pm

Big Dog Satellite Community Free Stage

As Paul Isaak’s high-energy show takes to the stage, you can’t help being drawn into the performance. You will find yourself laughing, yelling, cheering, Ohhing & Ahhing, as you become lost in the moment. What does Paul Isaak do? He juggles better than Al Gore, is a better parent than Britney Spears, and is a better public speaker than Marcel Marceau. He’s not a stand up comic, but he is hysterically funny. Whatever he’s doing, Paul makes the audience a part of it and brings laughs to any crowd.

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