Assistance & Reference Info


ATMs are located:

  • Outside the Main Gate on Park St.
  • Behind the Grandstand next to Sections 4 & 5 entrance tunnel
  • Inside the Main Gate near the Security Office
  • Inside the Northwest Gate

First Aid Stations

First Aid Stations are located:

  • Across from the Beef Show Barn
  • In the West Events area near the Race Horse Barns
  • In the Red Shed at the Carnival Entrance near tunnel
  • Inside¬†the Main Gate on Park St. adjacent to the Ticket Office

Wheelchairs & Strollers

Located inside the Main Gate by Commercial Building #6. With a deposit of $25, you can rent a wheelchair or stroller for the day. Upon return of wheelchair or stroller, you will receive $10 back. Limited amount available. NO Checks accepted.

Lost Children

All lost children will first be taken to the nearest First Aid booth, whose staff will then lead them to the Lost Child Booth located directly inside the Maple St. Carnival Entrance Gate.


Security members are stationed in the building directly behind the Main Office, and security officers patrol the grounds throughout the day and night.

Lost & Found

Located in the Security Building behind the Main Office.

Handicap-Accessible Parking

The handicap-accessible parking spaces are located along Park, Royal, and Maple streets near the gate entrances for those with a state-issued handicap parking sticker.


The trams run from 10 am – 11 pm. View the Map here.


Coolers with NO ALCOHOL are allowed. Coolers will be checked before you are allowed to enter the Fair.

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