• Refugio (CuCo) Cervantes, (208) 522-4342

Entry Dates

  • Mail entries to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, PO Box 250, Blackfoot, ID 83221
  • Email entries to entries@funatthefair.com
  • Entries close August 19

Entry Fees

  • A charge of $3 per head will be made, with a maximum of four animals per pen

Arrival Dates

  • Friday, Sept. 2, between 1 pm and 5 pm
  • Saturday, Sept. 3, by 9 am

Release Date

  • Wednesday, Sept. 7 after 9 am

All exhibitors must review the Department Rules & Exhibitor Info, General Rules, Entry Form, W-9, and Entry Information prior to entering a Fair competition. Exhibitors are expected to know, understand, and follow these rules and requirements. Understanding and following these rules and requirements will ensure a trouble-free entering experience.